Positive Ion Control (PIC) (available on all Optimums, Magnums, and Digi-Troll Downriggers)

Positive Ion Control is a feature on all Cannon electric downriggers. Your boat’s electronics create a fish-repelling negative energy field in the water. Positive Ion Control neutralizes the negative energy field so fish will stick closer to your line.

This feature is based on the principle that applying a low voltage positive electrical field into the water where you’re fishing will attract fish and increase your chances to catch more fish. Since fish are attracted by a slight positive charge and repelled by a strong positive or negative charge, generating and controlling the correct charge can be critical to the success of your fishing. With Cannon’s exclusive Positive Ion Control you can change the natural negative field created by the grounded electrical system of your boat to a positive field.

You can find suggested starting points for voltages based on fish species online.

Positive Ion Control is available on the Optimum, Magnum, and Digi-Troll downriggers. On the Magnum, the PIC is automatically active.

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