Connecting the Cannon Transducer to Optimum, Optimum TS Downriggers

The Cannon Transducer (Item #1491072) is an optional accessory available for your Optimum, Optimum TS, Digi-Troll 10, and Digi-Troll 10 TS downriggers. It operates on 120kHz. When installed on your Digi-Troll, the Digi-Troll will be able to Bottom Track to keep your trolling weight a select offset distance from the bottom.

When installed on the Master Optimum, you will be able to see a full-color 2D sonar view on the Master downrigger. You can also view the surface depth and Bottom Track by networking up to four downriggers to troll at set distances from the bottom with a single transducer. Each Optimum will be able to see surface depth and Bottom Track. The Client Optimums will not receive the 2D sonar data as the network is a Bluetooth network and displaying a 2D sonar images it requires more information than a Bluetooth connection will allow.

Proper transducer installation is critical to the performance of the Bottom Tracking feature. For best results, follow all mounting instructions included with the Cannon Transducer carefully, before beginning the directions below, to connect the Transducer to the Optimum downrigger. Once the Transducer is installed according to the provided instructions, route the 28' Transducer Cable to our downrigger. When routing the Transducer Cable give consideration to the following:

  • Route the Transducer Cable in a way that will not cause damage to the cable jacket.
  • Keep the Transducer Cable away from ignition, tachometer, alternator and other electrical wiring to prevent interference.
  • Do not cut, splice or shorten the Transducer Cable. Coil the excess cable into a loop like a figure 8 and loosely secure it in place where it will not be a tripping hazard or be damaged from external forces. Do not kink the cables.

Connecting the Cannon Transducer to a Bluetooth enabled downrigger that is networked to one or more downriggers will make it the Master downrigger. If a Master downrigger already exists in the downrigger network, connecting the transducer to any other downrigger in the network, except for an existing Master downrigger will disrupt the network. See the "Connecting the Downrigger" section of these instructions for more information on downrigger connectivity and Master downriggers

  1. Before connecting the Cannon Transducer to the Optimum, make sure that the Optimum downrigger is turned "off".
  2. Review the Transducer Cable routing considerations above and route the Transducer Cable in the boat so that is reaches the downrigger following the guidelines provided.
  3. Locate the Transducer Input on the bottom side of the downrigger body. The Transducer Input is located just to the left of where the Power Cable exits the downrigger body. The Transducer Input is covered by a tethered Cap to keep the downrigger body water tight. Remove the Cap so that the Transducer Cable from the Cannon Transducer can be plugged in.
  4. Examine the Transducer Input and the end of the Transducer Cable coming from the Cannon Transducer. Notice how the connection is keyed. Align the keys and press the connection firmly together.


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