Troubleshooting your Uni-Troll Downrigger (2011-present)

If you are having issues with your Uni-Troll Downrigger, you can do some basic troubleshooting. Click on the button below to open the troubleshooter. You can also have the downrigger repaired by an Authorized Service Center. To find your closest service center, click the link below. The link below the button will open in a new tab.

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Common Issues with the Uni-Troll

3-digit meter does not keep accurate count of cable deployed

  1. The amount and type of cable on the reel affects the counter’s accuracy. Changing the stainless steel cable length or replacing the cable with monofilament or braided line will affect the amount of line released with each reel rotation.
  2. Check position of meter to make sure that it lines up correctly with the reel gear.
  3. Check gears on both reel and meter to make sure that all teeth are intact.

Reel seems to slip in downrigger, won't retrieve properly

  1. Check set screw in reel to make sure that it is set correctly into the reel shaft hole.
  2. Check clutch pad to see if pad is worn smooth and no longer functional.
  3. Check reel for cracks.

Handle when turned backwards does not release weight

  1. Check the dog ratchet to see if it worn / no longer keying into gear.
  2. Check to make sure that when handle is turned backwards, it does start to turn off and to release the clutch.
  3. Check under the clutch cover to make

Replacing the Clutch Pad

Click here for detailed steps for Replacing the Clutch Pad on a Manual Downrigger

Troubleshooting Resources

Authorized Service Provider

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