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Simply stated, blowback is what happens to the downrigger weight when you pull it through the water behind your boat. As your speed increases, so does the horizontal distance between the weight and your downrigger. The faster you go, the farther the weight is behind you. The farther the weight is behind you, the shallower the weight is. For example, if you are trolling at 4 MPH with an 8 pound weight and you have 100’ of cable in the water; the downrigger ball is actually at a depth of 80’.

The following charts will provide you with blowback information for three sizes of Cannon downrigger weights pulled at three different speeds with no lures attached and with no current. Current drag, water salinity and the use of non-Cannon products will affect your trolling depth.

For additional information on Cannon Weights, please click here.

Blowback Chart for a 8 lb Weight


Blowback Chart for a 10 lb Weight


Blowback Chart for a 12 lb Weight


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