Safe Transport of your Downrigger

When done fishing with the downrigger it is recommended to store the downrigger and its parts securely for transport. Use common sense when transporting the downrigger and secure all loose or moving parts. Best practices include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Secure the Telescopic Boom so that the telescopic feature is adjusted to be as short as possible.
  2. Pull the Release Knob, if installed, and rotate the Downrigger on the Swivel Base so that the Telescopic Boom is rotated Inboard on the boat.
  3. Make sure that the Release Knob on the Swivel Base is secured in place.
  4. Remove the Line Release and store in a secure location.
  5. Secure the Weight and Line on the Ball Hook or remove the Weight and place in a secure location and tighten the downrigger line.
  6. Make sure any routed cables such as connected transducers or accessories and power cables are secured and routed in a way that they will not pose a tripping hazard.
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