Cannon Lock Information (1903020)

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Cannon Lock 1903020.png

Downrigger Compatibility

  • Compatible with all Optimum and Magnum Models.
  • Obsolete Downrigger Compatibility:
    • Digi-Troll 5
    • Digi-Troll 5 TS
    • Digi-Troll 10
    • Digi-Troll 10 TS

Lock Assembly Instructions

  1. Insert lock body into rear lock hole in base.
  2. Partially thread on jam nut to lock body.
  3. Install lock cam, lock washer and nut on the end of the lock body.
  4. Fully tighten jam nut to base, then tighten cam nut to the cam and lock washer.
    Cannon Lock instructions.png
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