Battery Selection for Electric Downriggers

The battery is a critical element of your downrigger. A high-quality deep cycle marine battery should always be used. Unlike automobile batteries, deep cycle marine batteries are designed to be run down to a discharged state and then recharged. Note: To extend the life of your battery, always recharge after use. Most trolling motor batteries fail due to lack of proper charging.

Battery Recommendations

We suggest selecting a 12 volt deep cycle marine battery with at least a 110 amp hour rating, usually a group 27 size battery. The higher the amp-hour rating, the more run time you will receive. If an amp hour rating is not available, select a deep cycle battery with a minimum of 180 minutes reserve capacity. Note: A starting battery is not suitable for use with an electric downrigger. Starting batteries are rated in cold cranking amps (CCA).

Battery Life

The length of time your batteries will last can vary based upon battery amp hour rating, boat size and weather conditions. Generally, you should get a typical day of fishing on a single charge.

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