IntelliTroll & Speed-N-Temp Systems Features and Troubleshooting

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Cannon IntelliTroll & Speed-N-Temp Systems

The Cannon IntelliTroll system & Speed-N-Temp (S-N-T) system and are designed to provide information of “true” underwater conditions. They will track the lure depth, lure speed, and water temperature. The S-N-T also tracks light density. (IntelliTroll replaced the S-N-T system, but both are now obsolete.) The IntelliTroll system consisted of a sensor and a monitor. The information on the monitor is supplied by the sensor which is on the downrigger cable above the weight. 

The IntelliTroll sensor can be used with the Digi-Troll 5 and Digi-Troll 10 models. It will display the information on the LCD screen of those downriggers. The IntelliTroll is also compatible with both Digi-Troll 5 and Digi-Troll 10 models when used with CannonLink and select Humminbird Fishing Systems (1100, 900, 800, 700 or Matrix series). The IntelliTroll system is not compatible with the Mag20DT downrigger, however. 

The S-N-T system consisted of a sensor unit and monitor. (The monitor displays the information provided by the sensor.) The sensor is attached to the downrigger cable just above the weight. The S-N-T sensor unit can be used without the monitor when used in conjunction with a Cannon Mag20DT downrigger, a CannonLink, and select Humminbird Fishing Systems (1100, 900, 800, 700 or Matrix series). The sensor will send underwater conditions information to be displayed on the Humminbird screen. The S-N-T systems are not compatible with downriggers made after 2010.

Following is a list of available parts for the now obsolete S-N-T units:

  • RF antenna for Speed and Temp Sensor unit, item number 9400011
  • battery cover, item number 2321003
  • o-ring for battery cover, item number 2379003
  • antenna clip for sensor, item number 2230550C
  • Speed-N-Temp antenna repair kit, item number 3882710
  • Sensor unit, item number 2389005C

Troubleshooting the IntelliTroll & Speed-N-Temp Systems

IntelliTroll & Speed-N-Temp systems cannot be repaired if the failure is of a systemic nature. In these cases, you will not be able to perform a repair since most of the parts are obsolete. However, there are many instances where improper set up of the device is the root cause of the problem. Before returning the device, check the following possible causes of the issue:

  1. We recommend the use of the coated cable provided with the IntelliTroll or S-N-T system. It will improve the signal quality from the sensor unit and allow it to work at greater depths. The coated cable, when used, must be stripped of its coating on the first 5 feet of cable when mounting on the reel of an electric downrigger. If your downrigger has either PIC or short stop features, the bare cable must pass directly over the top of the set screw during the first 3 wraps on the reel so that these systems will function. It also requires stripping some of the coated cable off where you mount the sensor unit as well as at the weight.
  2. We recommend grounding the power source of the Speed-N-Temp system to the boat. It will perform at its best when everything in the boat is sharing the same ground.
  3. We recommend that the Speed-N-Temp system uses its own power source separate from the downrigger. This will lessen the likelihood of interference interrupting the signal from the sensor unit.
  4. A weak battery in the sensor unit will degrade the signal strength and potentially cause failures. The battery life is approximately 200 hours. If left on standby mode, it will last about 2 months. It is better to disconnect the battery when you will not be using the unit for an extended period of time.
  5. If the speed reading is inaccurate, ensure that the rubber cover on the terminator isn’t sliding up and blocking the water flow in front of the sensor. (Tape the cover down.)
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