Removing the Spool Cover and Replacing the Spool on an Optimum Downrigger (2020-present)

The Optimum comes with a removable Spool Cover. By removing this cover, you are able to easily gain access to remove the Spool. This feature allows you to easily access tangled line, get it repaired and get you back into action quickly. This feature also allows you to have multiple Spools for different types of line. By purchasing additional Spools, you can wind each with a different type of line (i.e. Uncoated line, Coated Line, braided, etc.). This allows you to switch out desired lines quickly and easily.

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Removing the Spool Cover and Replacing the Spool

  1. Unplug the downrigger and make sure it is not connected to a power source. Then secure the Spool.
  2. Locate the Clutch Knob on the Spool side of the downrigger. Rotate the Clutch Knob clockwise to remove it from the downrigger.
  3. Loosen the two 1/4-20 Phillips Head Screws on opposite sides on the Spool Cover using an #2 screwdriver.
  4. With the screws loose, remove the cover to access the Spool.
  5. . With the Spool Cover removed, carefully remove the Spool, making sure the Line is pulled free from the Downrigger Assembly.
  6. Take the new Spool and turn it so that the Line is wound in a counter-clockwise direction.
  7. Feed the end of the Line through the base of the Downrigger Assembly so that the end of the Line exits the Downrigger Assembly toward the Boom.
  8. Pull the Line so that it is tight and void of extra slack. Avoid kinks and bends in the Line and insert the new Spool so it is seated on the Motor Shaft.
  9. With the Spool back in place and the Line routed accurately, replace the Spool Cover back in place on the Downrigger Assembly and secure it by tightening the Phillips Head Screws using an #2 Screwdriver.
  10. Replace the Clutch Knob on the Spool side of the downrigger. Rotate the Clutch Knob counter-clockwise to install it on the downrigger.


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