Replacing the Clutch Pad on a Manual Downrigger (for all Manual Downriggers Except Mini-Troll)

The clutch on your manual downrigger will need to be changed periodically. If the reel seems to slip or if the downrigger isn't retrieving or holding the depth, you may have a worn Clutch Pad. If the Clutch Pad is worn smooth, it will no longer be functional. It is recommended to replace the Thrust Washers and Torque Transfer Bearing when replacing the Clutch Pad.

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Removing the Old Clutch Pad

  1. Rotate the Crank Handle Counterclockwise until it is removed completely from the Ratchet Shaft.
  2. Carefully remove and set aside the Crank Spring; remove the Thrust Washers and Torque Transfer Bearing (these should be replaced during clutch service).
  3. Remove the Clutch Cover, take note of the orientation of the Dog Ratchet, this may vary slightly depending on model.
  4. Pull the Ratchet Shaft, Ratchet Brake Plate, Clutch Pad, and Clutch Brake Plate out of/off of the Reel Shaft.

Inspecting Parts


Reassembling the Downrigger with the Parts

  1. Place the Clutch Brake Plate, Clutch Pad, Ratchet Brake Plate, on the Ratchet Shaft and slide it into the Reel Shaft (if not completed while inspecting the parts).
  2. Feed the Ratchet Shaft into the Reel Shaft. As the Clutch Brake Plate contacts the Reel Shaft, orient the Clutch Brake Plate so the protrusion from the Reel Shaft is captured in the center opening of the Clutch Brake Plate.
  3. Verify the square end of the Ratchet Shaft is fully seated in the square center opening of the Ratchet Plate.
  4. On the handle side of the downrigger, place a Thrust Washer, then the Torque Transfer Bearing, and the other Thrust Washer on the end of Ratchet Shaft.
  5. Place the Crank Spring on the Ratchet Shaft, the smaller end of the Crank Spring goes toward the Downrigger Frame, away from the handle, the larger end makes direct contact with the Handle.
  6. Hold the Ratchet Shaft in place and install the handle a few turns to keep the ratchet shaft from backing out and allowing any part of the Clutch Assembly to misalign.
  7. Make sure the Dog Ratchet and Dog Ratchet Spring are aligned properly.
  8. Install the Clutch Cover.
  9. Hold the Spool and tighten the handle fully.
  10. Verify operation, when turning the handle clockwise the ratchet should click, and the spool should turn with the handle, counterclockwise handle rotation should engage the dog ratchet and the handle should begin loosening, relieving pressure on the clutch and allowing the spool to turn freely.

Manual and Instruction Sheets

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