Dual Axis Rod Holder Features

Experience 360º of rotation at the push of a button with this 10" holder. Features six up and down locking positions, a pistol grip release for quick, one-handed angle changes and a ratcheting adjustment system that allows you to quickly position the holder vertically. Includes a UV-resistant end cap to protect rod and reel.

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360 Rotation
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Dual Axis Rod Holders can rotate 360 degrees to help you dial in your trolling spread with unprecedented precision. Just press and hold the pin on the swivel base to rotate your rod holder.

One-Handed Angle Adjustment

Easily set your rod holder where you want it with just one hand. Simply pull pistol grip and adjust it to your desired angle. When you release the grip, the fishing rod holder will stay in place.

Ratcheting Ability
Ratcheting ability.png

The easiest way to take a rod out of a rod holder is in the vertical position, which is why we’ve built a ratcheting mechanism into our Dual Axis Rod holders. So when there’s a bite on, all you have to do is simply pull straight back - no button release or involved.

Locking Pin
Locking Pin.png

Cannon rod holders are extremely secure, featuring a locking pin on the inside to keep your rod exactly where you set it and hold it in place even if you’re traveling over rough water.

Wide Range of Mounting Positions

A wide range of mounting positions allows for any fishing application.

UV Resistant Cap
uv cap.png

UV resistant cap prevents scratching expensive equipment

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