Attaching the Line Release

To attach the Line Release, first attach a Cannon Weight and then follow the steps below. You will need a Line Release to complete this process.


  1. Take the Release and attach the Snap Lock end of the Line Release to the Weight.
  2. Release some line from the fishing rod and reel so that the lure is anywhere from 5 to 100 feet behind the boat. Determine a distance for the line from the fishing pole to drop back from the Weight and select a point for the line to be attached.
  3. Twist a loop in the fishing line at the point that the line would be attached. Attach the line from the fishing rod firmly into the Clamp of the Line Release at the loop created in the fishing line.
  4. Click through a series of increasing tension settings on the Clamp. The Line Release can be used with any test line on salt or fresh water and may be adjusted from 2 to 22 pounds of grip tension on the line.
  5. Once the Line Release is attached to the fishing line, make sure the Fishing Rod is held securely or placed in a holder and open the reel so that line can draw out.
  6. Then set the downrigger depth to lower the Weight to the desired depth in the water.
  7. Once the downrigger Weight is at the desired depth, reel up the slack on the fishing line so that your fishing rod has a slight bend in it. When a fish strikes the lure, the line will separate from the Line Release. Then the fishing line will be free to fight the fish and bring it up on the rod and reel.
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