Terminating the Downrigger Line

The Line on the Spool needs to be terminated for proper use of the downrigger. The downrigger comes standard with stainless steel Line held in place on the Spool with a Rubber Band.

During the termination, it is very important to keep tension on the Line to keep it wound tightly around the Spool. To keep tension on the Spool, install the Clutch Knob on an electric downrigger first. If the downrigger is a manual, apply tension with the handle. With tension on the spool, the Line can be routed and terminated.

If you need to install a Clutch Knob referring to Installing the Clutch Knob. If the Clutch Knob is installed or if you are working on a manual downrigger, complete the terminating procedure by clicking the button below or watch the video.

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