What model of Fish Hawk™ Electronics is compatible with the Optimum™ downrigger?

The Optimum downrigger is compatible with the Fish Hawk X4D Bluetooth system (requires both the LCD display panel and underwater probe). For additional information on pairing and networking your Optimum, see the article Pairing and Networking the Optimum or click the button below for step by step instructions. When the Fish Hawk X4D is paired to the Optimum, you can see your trolling data right from the Optimum screen, the cannon mobile app, or your Humminbird fish finder.

  • Depth:
    See the exact depth of your trolling weight.
  • Temperature:
    Know the water temperature at your bait presentation.
  • Speed:
    See how fast your weight is moving in real time.

The Fish Hawk X4D system helps you troll smarter by showing you data directly at your trolling weight. The X4D probe connects to your downrigger cable above the weight and wirelessly transmits the depth, temperature, and speed at your weight to the LCD display. Pair it with your Cannon Optimum electric downrigger to see that data directly on your downrigger, Humminbird, or the mobile app.

Fish Hawk X4D System

Full System is required including:
-Transom mount transducer
-LCD Display
-Fish Hawk Probe




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