Updating and Troubleshooting Optimum Downrigger Software Errors

This article gives steps to keeping your Cannon Optimum Downrigger software up to date and troubleshooting software errors messages.  

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Current Software Version

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Pairing a Cannon Optimum to a Mobile Device

  1. Download the Cannon app on the device you intend to pair with the downrigger. After downloading the app, open it to make sure the download was successful.
  2. Once the opening screen launches, the app on your device will display a Pairing Guide. The guide
    will help you pair your Cannon downrigger.
  3. Turn the Master Cannon downrigger "on", by pressing the Power button on the keypad.
  4. Once the downrigger is powered "on", return to the device and select "Continue" from the Pairing
    Guide screen in the app.
  5. The Cannon app will begin the pairing process by helping to determine which downrigger is going
    to be assigned the Master downrigger. From the Pairing Guide, an option to Assign a BT Master
    will appear on the device. Select "Yes, Pair to BT Master" to continue.

Updating the Software on a Cannon Optimum Downrigger

Any updates to the Optimum downrigger will be made through the Cannon app from a paired Mobile Device.

  1. Open the Cannon app on the Mobile Device.
  2. From the app, open the Menu by pressing the Menu button. The Menu button is found in the
    upper left corner of the app.
  3. In the Software Update screen, the app will identify if an update is available. It will also list
    all downriggers in the network and what version of software they contain. If an update is identified, it will display a "Download" button. Select the update button to Download the update to the Cannon app.
  4. If the update to the Cannon app contains a software update for the Cannon Optimum
    downrigger, the Software Update screen will then display a "Transfer" button. Double check that
    the Optimum downriggers are powered on and all connected to the network.
  5. Selecting the "Transfer" button will transfer the software update for the Optimum to
    the downrigger.
  6. Both the Cannon app and the downrigger will alert that the software update is transferring to
    the downrigger.
  7. When the update has completed transferring to the downrigger(s), the downrigger(s) will reboot. The Master downrigger will communicate the update transferred from the Cannon app to all paired Client downrigger.

NOTICE: Downriggers must be powered on to accept software updates. 

Troubleshooting Software Errors on Cannon Optimum Downrigger

If software is only being experienced on one downrigger in a network, disconnect the other downriggers connected in the network.

  1. Power the downrigger off using the Power Button. 
  2. Disconnect from Power Source. 
  3. Load test battery(ies) to ensure they test at least 12.6V under a load.
  4. Reconnect the downrigger to the Power Source.
  5. Power the downrigger back on with the Power Button. 
  6. Proceed to checking for software update in instructions above. 
  7. If you are still experiencing issues, software error messages or are unable to proceed past the power up screen you will need to reach out to one of our Cannon Authorized Service Centers for diagnosis and repair options.


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