Optimum Networking Overview

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Networking the Optimum

Through the One-Boat Network™, the Cannon Optimum downrigger can be wirelessly networked to give you total control of your downrigger from anywhere on your boat. If you want to put bait on target, you’ve got to fish smarter. The new Optimum™ downrigger is positively ingenious. This smart, connected system gives you access to critical trolling data and lets you raise, lower and cycle weights using the full-color LCD display, or your mobile device. No matter where you are on the boat, you’re in charge. And the fish won’t know what hit them. The network works by designating one Master downrigger that is paired with all additional equipment through a wireless network. This network includes up to 3 additional Optimum downriggers, a mobile device, the Fish Hawk X4D System and a Cannon transducer. Any one of the Optimum downriggers in the network can be designated as the Master downrigger. The Master downrigger is the central communication hub for the network in which all devices are paired to.

The Bluetooth Optimum And Optimum TS Network

The Bluetooth Optimum And Optimum TS Network.png

Connecting The Downrigger

  • THE MASTER DOWNRIGGER.png The Master Downrigger

    The Master downrigger is the Optimum downrigger on the system that is designated to be the central communication hub for the wireless network. Running multiple lines is easier than ever, because complicated wiring is a thing of the past. You can network up to four Optimum downriggers wirelessly. Any downrigger that is added to the network is paired directly to the Master downrigger. The Cannon transducer is plugged into the Master downrigger. The Master downrigger is also paired with the Mobile Device and the Fish Hawk X4D system. The Master downrigger is used to control the communication between the equipment on the network. For example if the downrigger received a software update from the Cannon app, the Master downrigger will communicate the update to any Client downrigger it is paired with. In networks where only one downrigger exists, it will automatically become the Master downrigger if any of the other equipment is connected or paired to it. There cannot be two Master downriggers in a network.

  • THE CLIENT DOWNRIGGER(S).png The Client Downrigger(s)

    Any downrigger that is paired to the Master downrigger is a Client downrigger. The network can support up to three Client downriggers. The Client downriggers receive information from the Master including software updates from the Cannon app and sonar or probe information from any paired equipment. The network will be interrupted if any additional equipment, besides the Master downrigger are paired to a Client downrigger. Any Client downrigger in the network can be controlled on the Mobile Device paired to the network through the Cannon app.

  • THE CANNON TRANSDUCER.png The Cannon Transducer

    The Cannon Transducer is the only wired piece of equipment in the Network. The Cannon transducer should only be plugged into the Master downrigger. It delivers sonar data that is displayed on the downrigger Color LCD. The Cannon transducer gives downriggers the ability to use the Bottom Tracking feature and contributes valuable trolling information to the Network. Plugging the Cannon Transducer into any downrigger in the network other than the
    Master downrigger will interrupt the network.

  • A MOBILE DEVICE.png A Mobile Device

    With the Cannon app on your mobile device, you’ll have trolling data at your fingertips and total control of your Optimum downriggers from anywhere on your boat. It even keeps your Optimum software up to date. The Cannon app will only work with Bluetooth® enabled Cannon downriggers. Be sure that you download the correct app as other apps will not work with your Cannon Optimum or Optimum TS downrigger. Launching the app when it is not paired with the Cannon will allow you to try it in Demo Mode. The first time the app is launched, you must agree with the disclaimer in order to continue. Become familiar with the app screens in order to understand how to operate your downrigger(s) with the Cannon app. The Mobile Device should be paired with the Master Downrigger.

  • THE FISH HAWK X4D SYSTEM.png The Fish Hawk X4d System

    Every Optimum downrigger integrates wirelessly with Fish Hawk X4D System to give you the critical info you need to troll successfully. This system provides the true running depth and speed of your weight, the temperature at the weight, plus surface temperature and speed. Within the wireless Network, the Fish Hawk should only be paired with the Master downrigger.

  • A HUMMINBIRD FISH FINDER.png A Humminbird Fish Finder

    Optimum downriggers wirelessly network together giving you control of all of your downriggers with push of a button. They connect with your Humminbird® fish finder and your mobile device for total control and to display trolling data. When paired with a Humminbird fish finder, the Optimum can use a Humminbird connected transducer as the source for the Bottom Tracking feature. With the One-Boat Network™, your advanced fishing gear does more than work together. It starts talking to each other wirelessly, to help you find, stay on and land more fish.

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